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South Parks Depot and Recycling Station (D-10)

​Current Status
​Location​28th Street South between the Soccer Centre and Judo Club

Project Description

In 2012, Council approved the development of three new centralized recycling stations. The decentralized recycling depots were phased out at the same time. The west and north side locations were completed in June of 2013. The centralized south side location was temporarily located at the Fairmont Drive Safeway parking lot. A suitable location to co-locate the Parks Depot and the South Recycling Station has been identified in close proximity to the Soccer, Judo and ENMAX Centre. Construction will start in the summer of 2015.

Funding for the Parks Depot and South Recycling Station is part of the Capital Improvement Program 2011-2020 and 2014-2023, respectively.

Project Updates

June 17, 2016 - Construction is complete with the opening date for recycling station and yard waste site on June 20, 2016.

September 2015 - Construction commencing on-site.

April 13, 2015 – Re-zoning application for land parcel approved by Council.


The City of Lethbridge has operated recycling depots since 1992. The depots are Lethbridge's top residential diversion program and are highly valued by the community. The service is responsible for half of the residential waste diverted from the landfill.

Since 2013, the City of Lethbridge Waste & Recycling Services manages three recycling stations within the city. The stations are located in the North, West and South Lethbridge. The South Station at the Safeway Fairway Plaza parking lot was opened as a temporary solution until a suitable area was found. The new location is in close proximity to the Soccer and Judo Centre. The relocation of the South Recycling Station will offer solutions for litter management, improved traffic flow, barrier free access and have a Yard Waste Station component.

Currently, the City of Lethbridge Parks Department mobilizes equipment from the Public Operations Yard at North Stafford Drive to the South of the City. The development of a Parks depot in the South end of the city is important to improve operational efficiencies, staff safety, and supply management logistics.


Design features of the South Parks and Recycling Station are:

  • Increased capacity
  • Wind shelter
  • Litter containment screens
  • Containers dumped off-site
  • Traffic direction and parking stalls
  • Lighting
  • On-site education
  • Barrier free access
  • Accessible location
  • Staffed yard waste site
  • Non-invasive design philosophy
  • Parks Depot


​Parks Depot - CIP 2014-2023 D10 (MSI Grant)
​Recycling Station - CIP 2014-2023 E12 (Borrowing)


Click here to view 2014 - 2023 CIP D - 10

Contact Information

Project Manager:
Dave Petiot
Land Development Project Manager