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Transportation Safety Plan

Project Status Planning
Project Type Transportation
Timeline September 2019 - Project kick-off
October 2019 - Stakeholder Workshop #1
Budget (sources) $125,000.00
Expenditures to Date  
Budget Status On Budget

​The development of the City of Lethbridge's first Transportation Safety Plan is happening in advance of the update to the City's Transportation Master Plan (TMP), planned for 2020. The Transportation Safety Plan is intended to be a component of the TMP update. As such, it will play an important role in shaping transportation policies, strategies and ultimately, the capital investments that will help provide a safe transportation system for all users.

A transportation safety plan is a powerful tool to align municipal resources and budget with goals to reduce road collisions that result in injuries and fatalities. 

The City of Lethbridge Transportation Safety Plan will include the creation of a vision, mission, objectives and policies which will guide program direction and budget setting into the future. The City is committed to applying resources in Education, Enforcement, Engineering, Evaluation and Engagement – the 5E's – to achieving the goals of the Transportation Safety Plan.


​This project is funded as part of the Transportation Master Plan Updated approved through the City's 2018-2027 Capital Improvement Program (C-17). The Transportation Safety Plan is budgeted for $125,000. 

Contact Information

Ahmed Ali, Transportation Engineering Manager
City of Lethbridge