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Waste Transfer Station Upgrades (E10)

Project Status Construction
Project Type Waste & Recycling
Timeline 2017 - Ian Moxon Arch selected as design consultant
2018 - planning and conceptual design
June 2020 - complete design, select contractor
Spring/Summer 2021 - rescope, reissue construction RFQ
Fall 2021 - start construction
Summer 2022 - operational
Budget (sources) $3,120,000.00
Expenditures to Date $1,483.20
Budget Status On Budget

​About the Project



Construction of an additional 7000 ft2 on the tipping floor to provide additional efficiencies in the sorting and storage of waste materials.

Project Updates

June 2022

The roof and wall cladding systems are being installed; the concrete slabs are being poured.

March 2022

Structural steel is complete.

December 2021

Foundation work is complete.

September 2021

The construction contract was awarded to Ward Bros Construction.

Spring to Summer 2021

Re-scope and reissue the construction Request for Quotation (RFQ).

December 2020

The Request for Quotation (RFQ) submissions received for project construction were over budget so the RFQ was cancelled. The project will be re-scoped and a new RFQ will be reissued in January/February of 2021.

August/September 2020

Value engineering.

June/July 2020

Request for Quotation issued.

June 2020

Phased design complete.




​Borrowing Utilities$​2,920,000​Construction
​Borrowing Utilities​$200,000​Consulting


Contact Information

Jace Adams, Facility Services
Project Manager