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Waste Transfer Station Upgrades (E10)

Project Status Design
Project Type Waste & Recycling
Timeline 2017 - Ian Moxon Architect selected as design consultant
2018 - planning and conceptual design
June 2019 - detailed design started
Nov 2019 - design complete
Jan/Feb 2020 - select contractor
March 2020 - construction starts
Dec 2020 - operational
Budget (sources) $3,120,000.00
Expenditures to Date $465,720.40
Budget Status On Budget

​About the Project



Construction of an additional 7000 ft2 on the tipping floor to provide for additional efficiencies in the sorting and storage of waste materials.


​Borrowing Utilities$​2,920,000​Construction
​Borrowing Utilities​200,000​Consulting


Contact Information

Jace Adams, Facility Services
Project Manager