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Wastewater Treatment Plant Headworks and Clarifier Upgrade

​Timeline​2015 - 2018
​Location​Wastewater Treatment Plant

About the Projects

Continuation of previous CIP project E-13 of 2014-2023. This project was included in the prior CIP at $8.6 million. The change in the estimated project cost is based on the completion of the project’s conceptual design.

The outstanding work from that described in the previous CIP project are improvements to the existing influent channel, replacing the mechanisms for two existing primary clarifiers and a new headworks building to house new grit removal systems, grit washing systems and screens.

 A detailed design contract was awarded in 2016 in order to complete the portion of the project related to "improvements to influent channels", previously approved under E-13 in the 2014-2023 CIP. The construction contract for this work has been awarded and is scheduled to be complete by the end of 2016.

In addition, a detailed design assignment for the major headworks and clarifier upgrade components was awarded in 2016. This design work has provided revised cost estimates resulting in the need for City Council to consider an amendment to the previously approved project.

PRIMARY CLARIFIER REPLACEMENT: This project will construct three new primary clarifiers  to replace four existing primary clarifiers (2018 to 2025). The existing clarifiers, the oldest of which was constructed 56 years ago, have deteriorated to the point that rehabilitation and refurbishment are no longer practical. In addition to the new clarifiers, a new sludge pumping facility and conveyance channels for raw influent and primary effluent will be constructed. Design of the new clarifiers, sludge pumping facility and conveyance channels was completed as part of previous CIP project E-13 of 2014-2023.

Purpose & Justification:

This project will:

Leverage use of existing plant components,

Increase performance and improve reliability,

Avoid increasing maintenance costs,

Improve operator health and safety, and

Support continued growth and development of the City.

Funding (Clarifier and Headworks Upgrade):

Wastewater Capital$7,800,000

Funding (Primary Clarifier Replacement):

Borrowing-Utilities $15,200,000
Accumulatd Surplus & Wastewater Capital $4,000,000

Contact Information

Doug Kaupp, Manager - Water, Wastewater & Stormwater
City of Lethbridge
403 320 3078


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