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Water Treatment Plant Process Redundancy


​Timeline​2013 - 2021
​Location​Water Treatment Plant

About the Project

Continuation of previous CIP project E-21 of 2014-2023. This project was included in the prior CIP at $5.55 million. The change in budget is due to updated cost estimates based upon conceptual design. The most significant change to the project is the determination that the additional processing equipment cannot be retrofitted into the existing building footprint, resulting in the need to expand the Water Treatment Plant building envelope. The existing Water Treatment Plant (Plant No. 3 constructed in 1982) has two clarifiers. Each of these clarifiers must be taken out of service annually for maintenance. Additionally, the existing plant cannot meet daily demand in the summer with one unit out of service. This project will provide additional clarification capacity and provide the required level of treatment process redundancy. The increased cost over the previous estimate has been adjusted based on the completion of the conceptual design for the project.

Purpose & Justification:

This project will:

Meet redundancy level of service in this portion of the treatment process.

Be able to operate at design capacity with the largest unit out of service.

Mitigate risk of clarifier failure resulting in water shortage that would negatively impact all customers.

Permit regular and routine clarifier maintenance without affecting treatment plant operational performance.

Support continued growth and development of the City.


​Total $12,100,000

Contact Information

Doug Kaupp, Manager - Water, Wastewater & Stormwater
City of Lethbridge
403 320 3078