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Water Treatment Plant Residuals Management

​Timeline​2014 - 2018
​Location​Water Treatment Plant

About the Project

Continuation of previous CIP project E-23 of 2014-2023. This project was included in the prior CIP at $10.75 million. The change in budget is due to conceptual design modifications to comply with the requirements identified in the Alberta Environment approval.

Excess sludge from the clarifiers, screen backwash, filter backwash water, and filter to waste are presently discharged directly to the Oldman River. These waste streams can impact river water quality. The requirement to complete a river impact assessment and to upgrade the plant to address the impact are regulated in the treatment plant's 2010 Alberta Environment Approval.

The river impact study required by Alberta Environment has been completed. The project conceptual design has been finalized identifying the proposed plant modifications, the size and location of new equipment, as well as the estimated capital and operating costs. The increased cost over the previous CIP project reflects an estimated cost based on the conceptual design.

Purpose & Justification:

This project will:

Improve water quality in Oldman River thereby mitigating the impact of the plant waste streams on fish and other aquatic life.

Ensure compliance with Alberta Environment regulatory requirements as they appear in the waterworks approval.


Water Capital​1,400,000

Contact Information

Doug Kaupp, Manager - Water, Wastewater & Stormwater
City of Lethbridge
403 320 3078