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Cycling Master Plan

Current StatusCompleted

Project Kick-Off                            January 2016

Resident Phone Survey                 January 2016

Community Engagement  #1        March 15, 2016

Online Engagement Begins           May 10, 2016

Community Engagement #2         June 8, 2016

Community Engagement #3         October 12, 2016

Adopted by City Council                July 17, 2017

Project Updates

July 18, 2017
The Cycling Master Plan was adopted by City Council on July 17, 2017.

Cycling Master Plan

Network and Phasing Map

Cycling Master Plan Appendices

October 12, 2016

Community Engagement - Phase #3

In conjunction with other City projects, the Cycling Master Plan held a public engagement session during 100K day. This even provided an overview of the project and proposed cycling routes and infrastructure types. Visit the 100K day page to view presentations and to take a short survey.

Click here to view the community engagement presentation.

Click here to view the proposed cycling route map and infrastructure types.

Click here for a summary sheet of the infrastructure types.

Click here to view the map of the proposed implementation strategy.

June 8, 2016

Community Engagement - Phase #2

A public community engagement session for the Cycling Master Plan was held June 8, 2016 at City Hall Foyer. The session provided:

  • a summary of research and feedback collected to-date
  • an outline of potential cycling routes
  • suggested cycling infrastructure for these routes

May 28, 2016

Community Engagement - Phase #2

The City of Lethbridge will be hosting it's second community engagement session around the Cycling Master Plan on Wednesday, June 8, 2016. Everyone is welcome to learn more and provide feedback.

 Click here to view community engagement display boards.

May 10,2016

Online community engagement

Residents were encouraged to provide their thoughts, ideas and feedback on the future of cycling in Lethbridge and l earn about the project goals, view information from past engagement sessions, see results of the recent phone survey and give thoughts on a variety of questions.

March 15,2016

Face-to-Face community engagement

The following information was presented at today's Cycling Community Engagement Sessions:

March 7,2016

The City of Lethbridge will be hosting it's first community engagement session around the Cycling Master Plan on Tuesday, March 15. Everyone is welcome to learn more and provide feedback.

Cycling community engagement session
March 15, 2016 | 4:00 to 7:00 p.m.
Casa (230 8th Street, South)

During the session, participants will:

  • Hear results from the recent Lethbridge cycling phone survey
  • Provide feedback on the current and future needs of cyclists in Lethbridge
  • Attend a demonstration of the City's transit bike rack system
  • Learn more about the Cycling Master Plan process and next steps
  • Provide feedback on the plan's vision and goals
  • Listen to presentations on cycling by a North American expert
  • Ask questions and share ideas

About the Project

Making bicycle travel easier is the goal behind the development of the City of Lethbridge's new Cycling Master Plan. The initiative, which will examine how to create a cycling friendly community, kicked-off in January 2016 with the introduction of a resident phone survey.

The Cycling Master Plan, presents the opportunity to create a cycling network Lethbridge can be proud of, something that will attract people to the community and create a more active and environmentally friendly city.


The existing cycling network in Lethbridge consists of a number of multi-use pathways and on-street bike lanes on 13 Street N between 9 Avenue N and 26 Avenue N.  Developing more active ways to travel within the city and providing viable alternatives to single occupancy vehicle transportation is identified within the City of Lethbridge's strategic plans.

The Cycling Master Plan will build upon work already gathered through the City of Lethbridge Bikeways and Pathways Master Plan, expanding it, to dig deeper into the specific cycling needs.  


The Cycling Master Plan will identify the infrastructure required to create a safe, efficient, accessible, and viable bicycle network throughout the city. Stakeholder and public engagement will be a key component of the project, especially in identifying the desired routes and facility types. The Cycling Master Plan will strive to create an environment that is inviting to those people choosing to travel by bicycle.

Opportunities for Input

A resident phone survey beginning January 18, 2016 will be the first of many ways the public can provide feedback and help shape the future of cycling in Lethbridge.  A cross-section of approximately 400 people will be surveyed over a three week period. Survey questions will help identify who is biking today and who might use new facilities and connections if available. All residents contacted are encouraged to provide feedback in order to collect strong data that reflects the needs and wishes of the community.

Continual public feedback throughout the development of the plan is needed to find out what people see as barriers, what information, education and support they need to become cyclists and what is needed in the future. Stakeholder and general public consolations will happen throughout the duration of the project using both face-to-face and online methods of gathering feedback.

Cycling Master Plan Content

  • Understanding needs
  • Identifying bicycle routes and corridors
  • Cycling infrastructure recommendations
  • High level safety review
  • Summary of public engagement and survey
  • Implementation recommendations