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Watermain Renewals

​Current Status ​Complete
​Timeline ​2013
​Location ​Various Locations Throughout the City


About the Program

Like all infrastructure, water pipes eventually need to be replaced.  As a watermain nears the end of its life span the frequency of breaks in the pipe increases. Watermains that have a high number of breaks over a five-year period are added to the renewal list.  Each year specific pipelines are selected for renewal from this list. We also coordinate water and sewer renewals with street overlay projects as much as possible to avoid digging up newly paved streets.

2013 Scheduled Renewals

Location​ ​Status
​4th Avenue South (between 12th and 13th Street South ) ​Complete
​8th Street North (south of Stafford Avenue North) ​Complete
11th Avenue South (between 11th and 12A Street South)​ ​Complete
​12th Avenue North (between 9th Street North and Stafford Drive North) ​Complete
​15th Street South (between 3rd and 4th Avenue South) ​Complete
​20th Street North (between 2nd and 2B Avenue North) ​Complete
​20th Street South (between 5th and 6th Avenue South) ​Complete
22nd Street North (between 11th and 13th Avenue North)​ ​Complete
29A Street South (between 11th and 12th Avenue South)​ ​Complete
​34th Street South (corner of North Parkside Drive) ​Complete
​43rd Street South (between 24th avenue South and Fairmont Gate South) ​Complete


Contact Information

Doug Kaupp, Manager - Water, Wastewater & Stormwater
City of Lethbridge
403 320 3078