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2015 Pathway Construction (D-24)

​Current Status Completed
​Timeline ​2015
​Location ​Various Locations Throughout the City


About the Project

This project will construct and/or repair pathways at various locations throughout the City of Lethbridge.


The City of Lethbridge completed the Bikes and Pathways Master Plan in March 2007, which was subsequently endorsed by City Council in the Summer of 2007. The Master Plan has proposed a bike and pathway classification and has identified a number of corridors for bikeways and pathways developed in the City of Lethbridge. These pathways are part of the implementation plan to the system.


Bull Trail below Ridgewood stairs
  • The pathway is too steep and keeps washing out so stairs will be added and we will switch from shale to limestone.
Chinook Lake
  • This is lifecycle repair funded from the CIP and is necessary to repair the pathway and correct for drainage problems around the lake.
Pathway 21

  • ​This is a new pathway funded from new pathway development CIP. We are working on providing access to the river valley from Scenic Drive between Tudor and Chinook Park. It will also provide a loop to the pathway that goes into the valley from the Sugar Bowl and make a loop back to Scenic Drive.​
South Off-Leash Dog Park Stairs
  • There are a few sections that are too steep and are slippery in the winter so we are install stairs in those areas.

University/Bull Trail Repair

  • Repair from flood damage on Bull Trail east of the University of Lethbridge.​

Contact Information

Dave Ellis, Parks Manager
403 320 3848