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3rd Avenue Reconstruction and Streetscaping (D-30)

​Current Status ​Presented to Finance Committee on February 11, 2013​
Next Steps ​Consideration by Finance Committee from May 6-10, 2013​

About the Project

This project is the redesign and redevelopment of 3rd Avenue South between 4th Street and 8th Street South. The proposed changes are intended to improve the pedestrian environment with wider sidewalks, tree plantings and street furniture. It will also add additional parking spaces, promote different modes of transportation and upgrade the existing underground utilities which are some of the oldest in the City.

The Municipal Development Plan/Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (MDP/ICSP) establishes a policy focus on Efficient and Effective Integrated Transportation Networks (Policy 6.4.2), a Walkable and Bicycle Friendly Environment (Policy 6.4.3) and a Planned City that Exhibits Quality Urban Design (Policy 6.4.5). Specific policies include a focus on “integrating” citywide pedestrian, cycling, transit and vehicle modes of transportation along with the creation of public spaces that support and promote business and community needs.

Support in transforming and revitalizing the downtown core is reflected in the adoption of the Heart of Our City Master Plan and the Public Realm and Transportation Study. Success can be measured by the fact that the downtown area is the primary location for office and community focused activities in the city, low vacancy rates, growth in employment, and the downtown focus on public events. The Public Realm and Transportation Study has further articulated ways that the policies of the MDP/ICSP can be achieved in a responsible fashion, taking into account and balancing the needs of various users. The resultant public streetscape recommendations include measures that allow for the continued movement of traffic and parking while enhancing public areas to promote enhanced pedestrian, cycling and transit options. This project will implement some of the key recommendations in both documents and contribute to creating a downtown that is vibrant, exciting, livable, beautiful, accessible and sustainable.


Total Cost (2015) $7,880,000