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Animal Shelter Renovation & Upgrades

Current Status​ Complete
​Timeline ​Expected Completion - November 2014
​Location 2405 - 41st Street North​

Project Update

November 19, 2014 - The renovations and upgrades will be complete by the end of November 2014.  The community is invited to visit this newly renovated facility. The Grand Re-Opening is scheduled for November 27.
July 23, 2014 - Construction has moved on to removing the floors in the main corridor to the kenneling area (kitchen and laundry too), therefore access to the animals must be gained via external kennel doors to each area.  This restricted access will be for at least a week and a half.  Public are  asked to use the main entrance, then will be directed with Shelter staff to the appropriate area. 

We are still looking for dog walkers as the fence around the completed poured concrete/dog run is not complete.  Please contact the Animal Shelter at 403-320-4099 or stop in.
July 4, 2014 - Construction is progressing well and remains on time.  The kitchen renovations are complete and HVAC work has begun.  Dog kennel work is complete and cat kennel work in underway.  The dog run was also demolished and a new expanded dog run is under construction.
June 9, 2014 - Renovations at the Lethbridge Animal Shelter will begin starting with kennels, then moving on to the dog run, lobby and kitchen. 

Throughout the renovations, the Animal Shelter will be open for business, but services may be modified as the renovations progress and there may be restricted access in some areas.  The public will be kept up to date as services change.

The care of the animals in the Shelter is of utmost concern and renovations will be completed based on their needs, care and locations each day.


About the Project

In April of 2014, the Animal Shelter started extensive improvements and renovations that, once complete, will create an exceptional facility to house animals temporarily until they can be returned to their owners or adopted to new homes.

Renovations & Upgrades Include

  • Enhanced dog kennels to feel more open, friendly, calming and less cage-like.
  • A designated maternity wing for cats with larger cat kennels specially designed for mothers with kittens. 
  • Relocation of the socialization room to a new and improved area where visitors can interact with adoptable cats and dogs.
  • Re-designated isolation rooms to decrease potential cross-contamination.
  • Integrated in-house sound system to play music clinically-tested to reduce stress for the dogs and cats.
  • Incorporated acoustic devices in the dog kennels to address the intensity of the sound levels, promoting a calmer environment for the dogs and improving their adoptability.
  • A new warm and inviting color palette to create a more approachable and visitor friendly facility. 
  • The installation of a seamless floor system to reduce the potential spread of viruses and bacteria.
  • Replacement of the existing food prep cupboards and countertops with hospital grade cabinetry and work surfaces.
  • Upgrading mechanical systems to ensure sanitary conditions and isolation of potential pathogens to control the spread of disease.  
  • Improving drainage and durability of exterior surfaces at the outside socialization space. 
  • Upgraded barrier free access to the facility through the addition of a ramp  and more easily gripped door knobs throughout the facility.

Animal Shelter Bequest

The City of Lethbridge received notification on January 19, 2011 that the Animal Shelter was a beneficiary of an estate.  The bequest was officially signed over to the city on January 31, 2012. The money was to be used towards the welfare of the animals.

The City of Lethbridge engaged local rescue groups at an information sharing session to gather ideas on how the money might best be used to ensure it has lasting effects for the care of the animals.

As an outcome from that information session, a plan was created to undertake the current upgrades and renovations using the bequest as well as City of Lethbridge Facility Lifecycle Funding.

About the Lethbridge Animal Shelter

The current Animal Shelter was built in 2004.  It is managed through a contract with SPD Animal Services.  SPD manages animal control, adoptions, licensing and complaints pertaining to the Dog Bylaw. In 2013, 634 dogs and 351 cats were picked up and housed at the Lethbridge Animal Shelter.


​Source ​Amount
​Bequests ​$157,000
​City of Lethbridge - Lifecycle Funding ​$500,000
​Total ​$657,000


Media Contact

Dave Henley, Senior Bylaw Officer
City of Lethbridge
403 320 4081