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Arena Replacement

Current Status ​Presented to Finance Committee on February 11, 2013
Next Steps ​Consideration by Finance Committee from May 6-10, 2013

About the Project

This Project is the replacement of the Civic Ice Arena and  the Adams Ice Centre

It is proposed to demolish both buildings and reconstruct a twin ice centre likely on the Adams site.  Twin facilities allow for a shared ice plant, limiting construction cost and operational cost are less as less staff are needed.

The proposed timing of this project is early in the next CIP cycle.

The Adams Ice Arena was constructed in 1965.  The roof type of the Adams Ice arena has been identified as lacking sufficient structural capacity through an alert by the National Building Code.   Work to increase capacity has been done but the effort has provided limited effect.  The roof is monitored on a regular basis but it is a liability and replacement of the building must be planned for.  The Civic Ice Centre was built in 1949and is in poor condition.  Both facilities need to be replaced. 


​Total Cost (2019-2021) ​$24,710,000