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Barrier Free Pedestrian Access

This program involves construction of mobility ramps for any on-street parking stalls and also any ramp replacements to improve pedestrian mobility. All intersections and on-street
wheel chair accessible parking areas in the downtown andother areas which are not currently constructed to this standardmust eventually be upgraded.

Approximately 40 to 50 ramps per year will be reconstructed for the life of the project. Once the ramps are installed in the downtown, the program would move to focus on residential areas. In addition the program will also grind concrete/asphalt to improve riding surface or replace individual panels.

There are approximately 400 intersections and 400 wheel chair accessible parking stalls which were constructed prior to the current standards being implemented. Upgrading of these
intersections and parking areas to comply with the existing standards will enhance accessibility and safety for people requiring the use of wheel chairs, walkers, strollers and carts. Accessibility ramps also increase safety for aging populations who are at risk of a trip and fall. Once all of the barrier free pedestrian access ramps have been installed, it will be time to replace older access ramps to new standards to improve mobility for all pedestrian users.