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Bikeways Pathways

The intent of this project is to implement new pathways and bikeways within the Public Road rights-of-ways identified in the Bikeways and Pathways Master Plan 2007. The locations of
on-street bikeways must be identified with adequate planning  completed to identify construction constraints. This would be completed in 2014 through a Commuter Cycling Study to identify on-street cycling locations and the necessary infrastructure upgrades, estimated to be approximately $250K.

Projects  identified for the next three years are:

  • Bike lanes on 3 Ave S from Mayor Magrath Dr/Scenic Dr S
  • Bike lanes on 9 Ave N between 13 St N/Scenic Dr N
  • Bike lanes on 9 Ave or 10 Ave S from Scenic Dr to Mayor Magrath Drive
  • Pathway along Highway 3 (across CP Rail line) connecting 28th St to 36th St

There are a number of cycling/pedestrian corridors that are needed to complete existing pedestrian and recreation corridors along roadways, as identified in the Parks bikeway/Pathway Master Plan and future planning studies.

This project will complete missing links and develop new pathway/bikeway routes along the existing roadways.  A secondary focus of this program will be to develop on-street commuter cycling routes through the City connecting to key pathways along existing roadways. This program will focus on on-street dedicated and shared cycling lanes.