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Centralized Recycling Stations


​Current Status In Progress
​Timeline Design: April - June 2012, Construction: Completed​
​Location West: At the junction on Bridge Dr. W. and University Dr. W.
North: At the junction of Scenic Dr. N. and Stafford Dr. N.​


Project Description

This project is the development of three new enhanced service recycling stations. The three stations will replace the seven existing recycling drop-off centres. The north and west locations are approved by Council and under construction. Funding for the south location has been submitted for Council consideration as part of the 2014-2023 Capital Improvement Program.   

Project Updates

June 17, 2013 - The north side and west side recycling stations officially opened on June 12, 2013.

April 10, 2013 - Construction of the north side recycling station is 90% complete. Outstanding items are landscaping and improvements to the access road. Construction has started at the west side station. Grading and electrical work is completed. Asphalt pavement and concrete work is anticipated to be finished by the end of April, weather permitting.


Recycling depots have been present and operated by the City of Lethbridge since 1992. Currently there are seven depots in the city, three located in the west, two in the north and two in the south. The recycling bins are owned by the City and serviced by a contractor. The majority of bins are located on privately owned land, which limits development capabilities.

The depots are Lethbridge's top residential diversion program and are highly valued by the community. The service is responsible for half of the residential waste diverted from the landfill.

A review of the current recycling system was done with the objective of creating a depot design that is:

  • Sustainable
  • Designed to meet the communities current and future recycling capacity needs

Top four existing challenges with Lethbridge recycling depots:

1.  Capacity
2.  Litter
3.  Siting new locations
4.  Site design limitations


The Centralized Recycling Stations will be designed to deal with the existing challenges at the Lethbridge recycling depots. Areas for improvement that are important to Lethbridge residents were identified with on-site observations and customer feedback. These items were incorporated into the new design:

  • Increased capacity
  • Wind shelter
  • Litter containment screens
  • Containers dumped off-site
  • Traffic direction and parking stalls
  • Lighting
  • On-site education
  • Barrier free access
  • Accessible location
  • Opportunity for a yard waste site
  • Non-invasive design philosophy

Image: Conceptual Layout of Centralized Recycling Stations 

The west and north side locations were completed in June of 2013. The centralized south side location will be located temporarily at the Fairmont Drive Safeway parking lot (existing depot location). The temporary south location will not experience site design changes or expansion but it will receive the new bin style (not dumped on site).


​Source ​Amount
Accumulated Waste Surplus​ $2,000,000​
Accumulated Recycling Surplus​ $305,000​
Waste & Recycling Operating Budget​ $200,000​



West Side Location

North Side Location

Waste Diversion Opportunities - Presented to City Council, March 5, 2012

Contact Information

Project Manager:
Kevin Theodore
Public Operations Waste & Recycling Manager
403 320 3859 

Genivar Consulting, Red Deer, AB
McNally Contractors, Lethbridge, AB