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Cougar Park Drainage Project

​Current Status Complete
​Timeline ​Phase 1 Construction - Complete
Phase 2 Construction - Spring 2014
​Location ​Cougar Park (Uplands)


Description of Project

This project will include improvements to the park’s drainage system and restoration of the turf.


Cougar Park has suffered significant turf damage due to poor drainage conditions over the past several years. Though small-scale repairs have occurred in the past to help eliminate standing water, large pockets of turf have either decayed or died due to several years of constant saturation. Additionally, irrigation has been turned off to the entire park to reduce saturation levels. While this has helped in the wet areas, the result has led to poor turf conditions in areas not affected by improper drainage. Despite recent efforts at drainage improvement and turf restoration, the park is at a state where it needs a more enhanced drain system and turf renewal.


The scope of this work will be completed in two phases. Phase 1, which completed construction in November 2013, consisted of the installation of approximately half of the drain tile system, backfill of trenches with gravel and soil, and the asphalt overlay of the paved pathway. Phase II will involve the installation of the remaining drain tile system, removal and replacement of decayed turf and trees, and placement of seed and hydromulch. Phase II is scheduled for Spring 2014.


Installation of drain tile, topsoil, trees, asphalt, seed and hydromulch.

Contact Information

Dave Ellis, Parks Manager
403 320 3848