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ATB Centre and Future Development

ATB Centre-Phases 1 & 2


Combined with the existing high schools and public library as well as the adjacent major commercial development getting underway at Crossings, ATB Centre is a key component in the fulfillment of the concept of a core service area for West Lethbridge, first  envisioned more than 45 years ago.


ATB Centre will enhance the quality of life in Lethbridge by providing an array of opportunities for individual, family and group recreation and activities for all ages. Phase 1 includes two NHL-sized ice surfaces and a 10-sheet curling facility. Phase 2 will include a leisure aquatics centre, a multi-sport field house, a fitness centre, gymnasiums,  an indoor track,  an indoor playground, commercial space, and the Lethbridge Sports Hall of Fame. ATB Centre-Phase 1 officially opened in September, 2016. Construction of ATB Centre-Phase 2 began in May 2016 and will adjoin Phase 1 to form a single leisure complex. Completion and opening of Phase 2 is expected in 2019.


Crossings Commercial DevelopmentRoy Op Crossings.jpg

Royop Development Corporation is excited about developing west Lethbridge’s commercial core. The commercial core will include 500,000 square feet of commercial/retail and 450 residential units. Phase I of the commercial/retail is underway. Confirmed tenants  include Loblaw’s grocery and fuel,  Liquor Depot, Tim Horton’s, Boston Pizza,
Rexall, Original Joe's, Subway and Rice King.

Cedar Ridge.jpgCrossings -  Cedar Ridge

Royop has partnered with Cedar Ridge Quality Homes to bring a comprehensively planned development that has various options to accommodate any lifestyle. The Cedar Ridge Crossings Project will total 146 multifamily units, in three separate developments, once it is complete.  The units afford a very modern, sophisticated, and urban design that is a completely new concept to Lethbridge.  This project is comprehensively planned down to the last detail including pathways, landscaping, and access.  For more information visit

Crossings-logo.gifCrossings Residential

The City of Lethbridge Land Department is developing the residential area north of the schools. This development has been conceived to create the opportunity for diversity in home design and support character correct design. The development will occur on a phased basis with approximately 950 lots completed over a 14 year period.

The single family residential development will see four different architectural styles consisting of Prairie, Modern, Shingle and Tudor.

The public lot draws for Phases 1 and 2 have been held and all lots have been sold.  Feel free to contact any one of our builder group for the opportunity to live in Crossings - a place where life happens.

Cedar Ridge Quality Homes
Galko Homes Master Builder
Van Arbor Homes

Phase 3 is underway and will be available in the spring of 2016.
For more information visit

The addition of retail, office and residential will strengthen the appeal and attraction not only for current Lethbridge and area residents and visitors but for those looking for a unique living experience in Lethbridge as well.  A place that brings together vibrant urban living and suburban neighbourhood charm.

Dust and Erosion Control

With the west edge of the City of Lethbridge being the focus of several construction projects, we anticipate inquiries and concerns regarding dust control. We require private developers and City run projects to follow an erosion control plan to mitigate any negative impact to the environment as well as neighboring properties. Given the nature of the area we live in, there may be situations when dry and extremely windy conditions can become more than these plans can handle, despite the best efforts of those involved. If concerns arise regarding excessive dust problems from any project or development, please contact Eric Furgason at 403-329-7316.