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Downtown Washrooms

​Current Status ​Presented to Finance Committee on February 25, 2013​
​Next Steps ​Consideration by Finance Committee from May 6-10, 2013​

About the Project

This project would involve the purchase and installation of two free-standing washroom facilities. They are intended to enhance the public realm and downtown experience. The
facilities are required to be fully accessible and durable to withstand potential vandalism. These facilities require an ongoing maintenance commitment.  Two proposed locations have been identified. The first site, which is in an area already identified as problematic for the businesses within that area, is in the vicinity of the old 6th Avenue fire station. The second site is on the Bompass Street parking lot. Together with the public washrooms in the Galt Gardens pergola and the 6th Avenue & 5th Street location (if approved) these facilities would provide public convenience for most of Downtown.

There are public toilets within the pergola at Galt Gardens but these facilities have limited hours of operation and are not conveniently located except for activities in or near Galt Gardens. The lack of public toilets has caused a real and measurable problem in the form of public defecation and urination, unsightly problems within the downtown area. The primary purpose of the facility is to meet the convenience and sanitary needs of the public.

A secondary purpose of this project is to add useful facilities within public space in a manner than does not detract from the use or visual quality of the space but instead contributes to the enhancement of that space.



Total Cost (2014) ​$380,000