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ENMAX Air Conditioning

Current Status ​Active
​Summer 2014
Locations ​ENMAX Centre

About the Project

This project is the installation of air-conditioning for the ENMAX Centre that would service the public seating area and the suites. 

The ENMAX Centre has never had an air conditioning system for the public seating area and the suites.  Air conditioning does currently exist in the new lounge and administration offices of the ENMAX Centre.

The weather in the summer time period (May-September)  can be very hot, add during a show body heat, show lighting heat, operational equipment heat (like concession cooking) and the building can be uncomfortable for patrons, and has at times reached a health and safety risk.  Maintaining the temperature at 21-23 degrees Celsius improves our ability to attract events and patrons to these said events. The ENMAX expects to host 10-15 shows per year that require air conditioning. 

The impact of not having air conditioning is reduced patron attendance, which would result in reduced event  bookings, and loss of potential future events that require air conditioning as part of the event requirements.  Examples of events that require air conditioning in the building as part of the bid package are  the  CHL Memorial Cup held in May of each year, Cirque du Soleil event, Aboriginal Achievement Awards, and the Canadian Country Music Awards. In addition, all Broadway shows and some concerts now make air conditioning a mandatory requirement of the contract regardless of  time of year. The financial impact and creating a positive customer experience is quite significant on future event bookings if air conditioning is not installed.


Total Cost (2014) ​$2,600,000