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Electric Support Projects 2014-2023

Electric support projects contribute to both electric transmission and distribution. These projects are required to maintain modern, efficient and reliable electric system in the City of Lethbridge.

These projects are funded from customer charges and the Municipal Revenue Stabilization Reserve (MRSR).

2014-2016 Capital Improvement Projects 

​Project ​Funding Source ​3 Year
Proposed Budget
Fiber Network (F-18)
Customer Charges
Reserve - MRSR​
Electric System Communication (F-19) Reserve - MRSR​ ​$255,000
Facilities & Furnishings Annual Program (F-20) Reserve - MRSR​ ​$788,000
Fleet Annual Program (F-21)​ Reserve - MRSR​ $1,044,000​
Electric System Environmental Management (F-22)​ Reserve - MRSR​ $739,000​
Work and Financial Management (F-23)​ Reserve - MRSR​ ​$415,000
Facilities Management (F-24) Reserve - MRSR​ ​$270,000
Critical Infrastructure Protection (F-25) Reserve - MRSR​ ​$175,000
Major Tools Annual Program (F-26)​ Reserve - MRSR​ $153,000​
SCADA (F-27) Reserve - MRSR​ ​$824,000