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Electric Transmission Projects 2014-2023

​The projects identified for electric transmission are required to maintain a modern, efficient and reliable electric transmission system. Electric transmission is the transmission of electricity from power plant and generators across Alberta to our 6 substations. The City of Lethbridge is responsible for maintaining 35 kilometres of 138,000 volt lines, 6 substations and other related infrastructure.

The projects that are being identified for the 2014-2023 CIP are based on the following:

  • Regulations
    • Upgrades to meet regulatory requirements
  • System Growth
    • New facilities and network extensions
  • Performance
    • Failure to meet levels of service
    • Analysis predicting performance issues
  • Asset lifecycle replacement
    • Elevated maintenance costs
    • End of useful life

Funding for these projects will come from borrowing, customer charges and the Municipal Revenue Stabilization Reserve (MRSR).

 2014-2016 Capital Improvement Projects

​Project ​Funding Source ​3 Year
Proposed Budget
Northwest Substation for Additional Capacity (F-4)  Borrowing - Utilities
Substation Upgrades for Generator Interconnection (F-5) Customer Charges​ ​$5,170,000
Substation 13.8kV - Switchgear Replacement (F-6) Reserve - MRSR​ ​$2,200,000
Substation Infrastructure Upgrades (F-7) Reserve - MRSR​ ​$1,200,000
Substation Metering (F-8)​ Reserve - MRSR​ ​$329,000
Protection and Control (F-9) Reserve - MRSR​ ​$2,100,000
Northwest Lethbridge Transmission Line 
Reserve - MRSR​ ​$2,875,000