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Environmental Initiatives


Leave your grass clippings on the lawn to improve nutrients, provide shade and improve moisture retention on your lawn.  Click here for information.  


Prairie Urban Garden

Learn about gardening using native, drought tolerant grasses and plants, known as Xeriscaping. Xeriscaping your yard and garden helps reduce or eliminate the need for fertilizer and pesticide use and helps conserve water in our semi-arid climate. Have your Xeriscaped garden profiled on the Prairie Urban Garden website or on the annual Prairie Urban Garden tour.  Click here for information. 


Yellow Fish Road

Help educate and raise awareness about stormwater pollution by painting yellow fish beside storm drains in town.  The free youth and family program helps spread ​​the word that whatever is washed from our yards and driveways into storm drains in the streets, ends up in the ​​Oldman River untreated.  Click here for information.

Environment Week 

Take all look through some of the environmental initiatives at the City of Lethbridge. This presentation features information from Waste & Recycling, Water & Wastewater, Facilities, Parks, Lethbridge Transit and the Helen Schuler Nature Centre. Click here to view.