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Fort Whoop-Up Coulee & Alex Johnson Pathway Restoration

​Current Status ​Complete
​Timeline ​Construction Completion in Summer 2013
​Location ​Indian Battle Park


Description of Project

This project will repair damage done to the coulee behind Fort Whoop Up and Alex Johnston Pathway as a result of a storm main repair from 2012. 


In summer 2012, the existing storm main situated in the coulee behind Fort Whoop Up suffered a break and needed to be replaced. Due to the heavy amount of construction traffic and increased stormwater runoff, the coulee and pathway suffered erosion damage and severe washouts. Temporary erosion control measures were put in place to prevent further damage and the Alex Johnston Pathway was closed to the public. With restoration unable to occur over the winter, these areas will be restored in 2013.


The scope of the work includes the placement of seed and erosion control matting on the coulee behind Fort Whoop Up; the restoration of the Alex Johnston Pathway, including conversion from shale to limestone surfacing; and general cleanup of sediment at the base of the coulee. Caliber Landscaping has been awarded the contract to complete the work. Construction is scheduled to begin in early April and be completed in summer 2013.


Placement of seed and erosion control matting on the coulee slopes; Restoration of the Alex Johnston Pathway.



Path1 Up Coulee Restoration/Path1.jpgPath1
Path2 Up Coulee Restoration/Path2.jpgPath2
Path3 Up Coulee Restoration/Path3.jpgPath3
Path4 Up Coulee Restoration/Path4.jpgPath4
Slope1 Up Coulee Restoration/Slope1.jpgSlope1
Slope2 Up Coulee Restoration/Slope2.jpgSlope2
Slope3 Up Coulee Restoration/Slope3.jpgSlope3
Slope4 Up Coulee Restoration/Slope4.jpgSlope4


​Total Amount ​$133,500


Contact Information

David Ellis
403 320 3848