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Graveled Roadway Upgrades

Reconstruction (raise grade, widen and improve drainage) and surfacing of outer access gravel roads. The project locations for 2014-2016 are:

2014: Whoop Up Drive from existing pavement to West Citylimits
2016: 43rd Street North from the SMRID canal to North Citylimits
2018: Scenic Drive North from 44th Ave to North City limits

Phase 1: Detail design and construct gravel road with improved profiles, site lines, width and ditches.
Phase 2 (as required): Asphalt surfacing will be considered on a case by case basis based on traffic volumes and maintenance costs.

This program will diminish in about 2018 since most of our existing gravelled roadways will be either paved or will ultimately be removed as development occurs (i.e. 43 Street South, 30 Street West, 25 Street West).

Traffic volumes on some sections have increased to levels which warrant wider roadways and/or surfacing structures. The warrants are based on recognized operational and safety
standards.  Reconstruction and surfacing improvements will improve safety and restore levels of service. There will be reductions in road user costs, travel times, driver anxiety, public complaints and maintenance costs.