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School Gymnasium Upsize (D-31)

​​Current StatusComplete
​TimelineCopperwood - 2017
Legacy Ridge - 2016
​Copperwood - 230 Coalbanks Boulevard West
Legacy Ridge - 235 Mildred Dobbs Boulevard North

About the Project

The Province has announced the construction of two new schools for Lethbridge; one for each school district. This project would provide funds to increase the size of the gymnasiums at each of the two new schools. The school in School District No. 51 will be located in the Copperwood subdivision and the school in the Holy Spirit Separate School Division No. 9 will be located in the Legacy Ridge subdivision.

In the past the City of Lethbridge has contributed funds to increase the size of the gymnasiums in a number of schools, in accordance with our joint use agreement between the two school districts and the City. Community organizations use school gymnasiums during the evening hours.

Elementary sized gymnasiums have limited alternate use.  Larger gymnasiums provide more benefit to the community.  The gymnasiums will be increased from an elementary school size (approximately 430 m2) to a middle school size approximately (630 m2), where more uses can be simultaneously realized.

As identified in the 2013 Recreation and Culture Master Plan, there is a lack of gymnasium space in the community.  Funding these two gymnasiums provides a cost effective way of obtaining more gymnasium space.


Total Cost       ​$1,570,000



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