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Labor Club Renewal (D-17)

​Current Status Completed
Next Steps ​Replacement to commence in Spring 2016
Location​2020 18th Avenue North, Lethbridge

About the Project

This project is the replacement of the arena ice surface slab and the renewal of the building.

In addition to the slab being replaced, the main building areas will be renewed, such as the change rooms, washrooms, concession, and main entrance.  Building mechanical systems will also be replaced.

The Labor Club Ice Centre, constructed in 1975, is one of 5 community use arenas in Lethbridge. It is used extensively during the winter and summer seasons and is in need of repair and renewal.

The concrete slab on which the ice surface exists is presently cracking in numerous areas and is heaving. Slab movement may result in breaking refrigeration pipes embedded in the slab.  Uneven ice surface caused by the slab heaving makes the refrigeration plant work harder, shortening its lifespan.  Boards and gates require continued adjustment and ice surfaces preparation more difficult, causing higher operational costs.  The condition of the slab continues to deteriorate. 


Total Cost (2016) ​$2,200,000

Contact Information

Rob Villeneuve, Project Manager
City of Lethbridge
403 320 4028