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Landfill Capital Projects 2014-2023 CIP

Waste and Recycling provides environmentally safe, time responsive and cost effective collection, disposal and recycling services for residents and commercial customers in Lethbridge. Approximately 130,000 tonnes of solid waste, 5,700 tonnes of recyclables and 750 tonnes of leaf and yard waste are processed annually at the Waste and Recycling Centre (Landfill).

All costs are funded by landfill utility rates at existing rates.  

2014 -2016 Capital Improvement Projects

Project​ Funding Sources​ ​3 year proposed budget

Waste and Recycling Disposal Cell Development (E - 7)​

Borrowing - Utilities
Landfill Capital


Landfill Gas and Leachate Management Systems Development (E - 8)

Borrowing - Utilities​ $500,000​

Construction and Demolition Processing Area Development (E-9)

Borrowing - Utilities​ $1,910,000​

Perimeter Berms and Fencing (E- 10)

Borrowing - Utilities​ $2,460,000​

Waste Processing Facility Upgrade (E-11)

Borrowing - Utilities​ $3,120,000​