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Leisure Centre

​Current Status Presented to Finance Committee on March 11, 2013​
​Next Steps Consideration by Finance Committee from May 6-10, 2013​​

About the Project

This project is the design and construction of a new leisure centre. The leisure centre includes an aquatic centre, multi-purpose rooms, fitness centre, field house and track/gymnasium, child minding, indoor playground, locker rooms, commercial lease spaces, facility support and
amenities. These components are designed to work together to provide significant community access and opportunities to a number of amenities located in one area complex. With all of
the program components being co-located additional amenities such as coffee shop and lounge space are viable and would be part of the design.

The proposed facility would be comprised of key program components which were identified through a “needs assessment” process by engaging applicable stakeholder groups and the general public.

The 2013 Recreation and Culture Master Plan identifies the Leisure Centre components as the number one ranked priority of the community. To understand community needs and gaps in level of service, a significant amount of stakeholder and public input was gathered. Community
consultation was used to gauge the level of support for the proposed Leisure Centre and identify the components required by the community. Stakeholder groups were very supportive of the concept of a Leisure Centre while the level of public interest and support was also very high. Feedback from the public engagement process confirmed that existing facilities were not meeting current demand in the community due to lack of facilities and/or functionality of current facilities.

In addition, community consultation included meetings with organizations currently operating public recreation facilities in the community. These organizations indicated that their
facilities are near maximum capacity and that their ability to offer expanded opportunities for the community is limited.

The Crossings Ice Complex is a project currently underway that includes a twin ice rink and 10 sheet curling rink.  You can learn more about that project here.


Total Cost (2014)​ ​$125.0 M