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Major Sidewalk Rehabilitation

This program targetsis the  rehabilitation of sidewalks  throughout the City of Lethbridge transportation network. Locations are targeted by the Sidewalk Inventory System. This system relies on condition assessments to determine replacement sections. The program will provide for approximately three to four 1- block sections to be replaced annually, which may consist of sidewalk installation to complete missing links. These upgrades include the installation of mobility ramps at intersections or at location where necessary.

In order to protect a very large capital investment and provide a safe environment for City residents, it is necessary to maintain a safe sidewalk network particularly due to the high population of seniors in the city. There are presently 660 kilometers of sidewalks with an asset replacement value of $75 million. On average sidewalks should be replaced every 30 years however many last 50 years if properly maintained. Most sidewalk rehabilitation is funded by the operating budget through frontage levies. However, major rehabilitation projects which are about one block or more in size, are eligible to be cost-shared from the Basic Capital Grant