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Nature Centre Pathway Renewal

​Location​Lethbridge Nature Reserve

​About the Project

This project is to removal, re-grade and replace all asphalt pathways, approximately 1300m, in the Lethbridge Nature Reserve, as well as widen and reconstruct the wheelchair access on the west side of the Helen Schuler Nature Center.


The Helen Schuler Nature Center has provided environmental interpretive activities for all ages since its opening in 1982. The pathways looping around the Nature Reserve leading to and from the Nature Center are original, save a few minor asphalt patches, to the construction of the first Nature Center building. The paths have been subjected to more than 30 years of typical southern Alberta weather, freeze-thaw Chinook winters, rainy springs and the most influential, several flooding events which have transported silt and debris and considerable water damage throughout the years. The pathways are cracked and crumbling and have many locations where roots are breaking through causing damage and trip hazards. Several areas of the pathway have become lower than the surrounding ground due to sediment build up from flooding and have become hazardous in the winter and spring, catching snow and ice build-up with no drainage. These areas are also cumbersome in the summer and fall, collecting water and becoming a breeding ground for insects and algae.

The wheel chair access ramp on the West side of the building has also become more of a hindrance than a help, the pathway of the ramp is too narrow and the wood post edging is crumbling and falling apart.


​City of Lethbridge


David Ellis, Parks Manager
403 320 3848