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Peenaquim Disc Golf Course

Project Status Completed
Project Type Parks
Timeline December 2021
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Peenaquim Park will be the home of a new 18-basket disc golf course, located between the existing off-leash area and Softball Valley.

For several years, the Lethbridge Disc Golf Association (the Club), who formally represent the sport of disc golf in Lethbridge, have been trying to locate a site to create a second course in the city. This would accommodate the growing number of players and alleviate the amount of use on the course within Nicholas Sheran Park, which has a history of successfully integrating multiple recreational activities on a shared multi-use space.

The Club has worked diligently with City Parks staff over the past few years to determine the appropriate site for a new course. This area of Peenaquim Park, a reclaimed feedlot, was selected because it offered the appropriate amount of space to accommodate 18 baskets and has not had a designated use for over 50 years. The disc golf course adds another valuable amenity to the park, and ties in the land use between Softball Valley and the off-leash area. The course has been designed to be low impact to the river valley ecosystem and low maintenance with minimal mowing requirements in the dryland area. Although some wildlife use the area as they are able, the plant community is far from being native or natural as the site was reclaimed with a perennial rye grass after the feedlot was taken down. The conditions of the area, including large clumps of grass, have dissuaded any other use. The construction and use impacts of the area is very low and no more impactful on the environment than the other adjacent uses in the park.

The design team was cognizant of the potential conflicts with the off-leash area and made attempts to mitigate the concerns that were heard during field-level consultations with dog owners. The off-leash area was not reduced in size to accommodate the course. A buffer area was left between the two facilities to reduce the physical interactions between users of each. The course layout was carefully considered: the fairways were intentionally not aimed towards the off-leash area, and the area near the river bank was avoided to ensure river access was maintained for dog owners. Dogs are allowed within the course limits, but must be on a leash, similar to all other spaces in Peenaquim Park outside of the designated off-leash area. Signage will be installed at key points along the fence to provide clarity.

A parking lot was added to mitigate pressures on the off-leash area, Softball Valley, and gun range parking lots, and a chain link fence is being included to provide a visual boundary between adjacent facilities. To lessen the impact for larger migrating animals, the fence is just 4-feet tall and does not have corners for entrapment. There are two maze gates at the existing pathway intersections which reduce impacts to small wildlife as well as pathway users.

Site Map

The new disc golf course is indicated below in white/purple. 

Proposed layout for Peenaquim Park disc golf coursePeenaquimDiscGolf_ProposedLayout.png


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