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Peenaquim Park Pathway Upgrade

​Current Status ​Complete
​Timeline ​Construction in July 2014
​Location ​Peenaquim Park Dog Run

Project Description

This project will involve the installation of a limestone pathway in the off-leash dog area of Peenaquim Park.


The pathway at the Peenaquim Park Dog Run is a popular, heavily-used trail that serves as the only off-leash dog area in the north side of Lethbridge. Originally constructed with crushed gravel, the pathway has deteriorated over the past several years due to heavy use, snow melt and storm water runoff. In 2011, Parks invested in an upgrade to the dog run parking lot and would like to continue the improvements to this facility with the pathway upgrade. Once completed, the pathway will meet current construction standards with proper base material and a crushed limestone surface, similar to other off-leash areas in the city.


The scope of work will include the removal of the existing gravel material, placement of base material and limestone and final grading along the pathway. A majority of the current alignment will remain the same. No work to the parking lot, fences, benches or other amenities are included in the scope of this project.


Installation of a limestone pathway.


​City of Lethbridge ​$90,000
​Total $90,000

Contact Information

Dave Ellis, Parks Manager
403 320 3848 ​