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Radio Replacement (D-25)

Current Status ​Presented to Finance Committee on February 11, 2013
Next Steps ​Consideration by Finance Committee from May 6-10, 2013

About the Project

This project is the migration of the City’s public safety radio users to the Provincial Alberta First Responder Radio Communication (AFRRCS) system.  The project will include new mobile and portable radios for the LRPS and Fire and Emergency Services, purchase and installation of required infrastructure, installation of terminal equipment in vehicles, IP radio consoles in the PSCC and refurbishing of the digital logger recorder.
The public safety end user gear (portable and mobiles) were purchased in 2004 and are due for replacement.  The radio infrastructure will not be supported beyond 2014.
300 Police and Fire/EMS radios would be replaced. 


The AFFRRCS system will be available in the Lethbridge area in 2014/15. The system is specifically designed for public safety users.  Benefits of the system include the ability to use our radios anywhere in the province, communicate with other agencies (Sheriffs, RCMP, Alberta Health, rural fire departments) and increased system capacity (talk channels).
All infrastructure required for this system is owned, maintained by the Province.  The City of Lethbridge would only be responsible for the end user gear
The existing system will remain in operation of the public operations, infrastructure, transit and other City radio users.  The public safety radios will be programmed with capability to communicate on the existing system should they need to speak with public opts.



Total Cost (2014)​ ​$3M