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2012 Roadway Overlays

​Current Status Complete​
​Timeline ​Completed Summer 2012
​Location ​Various Locations Throughout Lethbridge

About the Project

Roadway overlays includes the milling and re-paving of various streets within the City of Lethbridge. 

Milling is when a grinding machine goes down the total length and width of a street and grinds 60 to 80mm of asphalt off the top of the road surface. The material that is ground off is reused by putting it back into the asphalt mix that is put back onto the roadway. This reused material make up approximately 14 % content in the mix design. 

2012 Arterial Roadway Overlay Schedule

Location​ ​Status
1st Avenue South (between Scenic Drive and Stafford Drive) Complete​
5th Avenue North (west of Stafford Drive) Complete
8th Street South (between 1st and 5th Avenue South)​ ​Complete
Mayor Magrath Drive (between 28th and 34th Avenue South)​ ​Complete
Whoop Up Drive (between University Drive and McMaster Blvd) ​Complete
Whoop Up Drive (between Scenic Drive and University Drive) Complete


2012 Local Roadway Overlay Schedule

​Location ​Status
2A Avenue North (between 18th and 19th Street North)​ ​Complete
2B Avenue North (between 16th and 18th Street North)​ ​Complete
2B Avenue North (between 19th and 20th Street North)​ ​Complete
7th Street South (between 5th and 9th Street South)​ ​Complete
12th Street North (between 7th and 8th Avenue North)​ ​Complete
13 Avenue South (between 28th and 30th Street South) ​Complete
14th Street South (between 2nd and 3rd Avenue South) ​Complete
14th Street South (between 9A and 10th Avenue South) ​Complete
14th Street South (between 30th Street South and Henderson Lake Blvd) ​Complete
15th Avenue South (between 28th and 30th Street South) ​Complete
21st Avenue South (between 26th and 28th Street South) ​Complete
22nd Avenue South (between 20th and 24th Street South) ​Complete
28th Street South (between 6th Avenue South and Parkside Drive South) ​Complete
28th Street South (between 13th and 15th Avenue South) ​Complete
29th Street South (between 12th and 13th Avenue South)​ ​Complete
30th Street South (between 12th and 15th Avenue South) ​Complete



2012 Collector Roadway Overlay Schedule

​Location ​Status
4th Avenue North (between 8th Street North and Stafford Drive) ​Complete
6th Avenue South (between Mayor Magrath Drive and Dieppe Blvd South) ​Complete
28th Street North (between 2nd and 5th Avenue North) ​Complete



​Source ​Amount
Grant - FGTF (Federal Gas Tax Fund)​ ​$687,000
​Grant - MSI (Municipal Sustainability Initiative)
​Total ​$1,051,000