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South Side Parks Depot

​Current Status Presented to Finance Committee on February 25, 2013​​
​Time line Consideration by Finance Committee from May 6-10, 2013​​

About the Project

The inefficiencies created from staging from the north central location present challenges to maintaining the level of service especially as growth in the city continues to move southward.

A proposed site of approximately 1 hectare located on the south side of the city will include a 3,000 square foot building including equipment bays and facilities for staff. The site will also include a fenced compound for equipment and supply storage. Similar depots are located in the river valley and in Nicholas Sheran Park.

Parks maintenance equipment is typically slow moving and not ideally suited for long trips on streets. This situation posses a safety concern for operators and long travel times limit productivity. Travel times reduce the length of the work day and create limitations to efficiency. Parks maintenance staff currently relies on public facilities or require other staff to pick them up to return to the depot when needed. A Parks depot in the south end of the city will improve operational efficiency, staff safety and improve management logistics.


Total Cost (2014) ​$1.2 M