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Southside Fire Station

Current Status ​Presented to Finance Comittee on Februay 11, 2013
Next Steps ​Consideration by Finance Committe from May 6-10, 2013

About the Project

This project is the relocation and construction of a new Fire Station to replace the 16th Avenue South Fire Station.

Site selection will occur prior to relocation as identified in the Fire Master Plan (2013). 

The Station was built in 1963 to serve the needs of South Lethbridge.  In the past 10 years the geographic footprint of South Lethbridge has expanded substantially. The steady pace of commercial development has changed the overall risk profile and added substantial traffic throughout. With major new facilities for Senior’s, a major Hospital expansion, additional Big-Box retail outlets and the increased responses to outlying communities, the number of unit responses to these Incidents from No. 3 Station has quadrupled in 10 years, escalating from 964 in 2001 to 4244 in 2011.

The Station lacks adequate apparatus bay storage, physical space for staff and is in poor condition.  The current vehicle bay size restricts the option to add any additional or different types of response equipment. Additional equipment and staffing resources to meet the ever Increasing calls for both fire and ambulance service from this station cannot be accommodated in the existing structure. Storage for equipment and response vehicles for special operations like water rescue, hazardous materials and heavy extrication is currently unavailable and needs to be addressed.   No space has been allocated for daily competency training and opportunities for any daily fitness initiatives are unavailable.


Total Cost (2019/2020) ​$9,290,000