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Stormwater 2014-2023

Our stormwater collection system consists of 460 kilometers of sewer, 2000 catchbasins and 18 stormwater management facilities. The runoff collected by the system is discharged to the Oldman River at 16 outfalls located along the river valley. ​

Many of the City's stormwater outfalls were constructed with corrugated steel pipe and installed in the 1970s. The failure of one of those outfalls and the resulting damage to Fort Whoop Up has highlighted the fact that these outfalls are nearing the end of their service life.

This project (E-20) will assess the condition of these steel outfalls and includes the rehabilitation of those found to be in poorest condition. Rehabilitation can avoid the higher cost of repair following failure by relining of the pipe or full replacement.


​Funding Source ​Amount
Grant - Federal Gas Tax Fund (FGFT) ​$1,500,000
Total ​$1,500,000