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SunRidge Park Drainage (D-5)

​Location​SunRidge Park


Over the past several years, asphalt pathways in a few parks have been deteriorating due to pooling water from irrigation and precipitation runoff. Several areas within SunRidge Park have been identified as having poor drainage, subsequent ground saturation and the beginning stages of pathway erosion. Pooling water has contributed to icy conditions in the winter and algal growth in the summer. Parks is addressing the drainage issues now, before the problem escalates and requires total pathway replacement.


Weeping tile drainage systems will be installed along the edges of the pathway in areas where drainage issues have been identified. Surface water collected in the system will be conveyed and expelled via pop up emitters in shrub and tree beds downhill from drainage sites. Once the drainage system is in place, the pathways and turf affected will be repaired.


​City of Lethbridge



Jackie Cardinal
Parks Project Management Technician
403 329 7314