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Traffic Preemption Equipment (C-01, C-05, C-11)

Current Status ​Presented to Finance Committee on February 11, 2013
Next Steps ​Consideration by Finance Committee from May 6-10, 2013

About the Project

This project is the lifecycle replacement of traffic control electronics and emergency vehicle preemption system (EVP).

The emergency services vehicle fleet is outfitted with equipment that allows for the changing of traffic lights at intersections.  This system allows for emergency vehicles to control the intersection lights and change the signals to a green, which allows for emergency response vehicles to travel safely to emergency incidents in the most rapid time possible. 

This system allows emergency vehicles the ability to change the intersection traffic control lights to green in order to maintain minimal response times. 

The system has been operational for over 25 years.  The current technology, consisting of circuit boards is experiencing intermittent break down and spare parts are becoming difficult to secure. 

The replacement technology would include the modernization of all controls by replacing the circuit boards with solid state.    All intersection controls would be replaced.  Response times would be retained and possibly enhanced.

The new technologies have the added benefit for allowing remote monitoring and service capability.


Total Cost (2017) ​$2.8M