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Vacant School Site Development (D-36)

​Current Status ​Active
Timeline ​2017 - 2018

​West Lethbridge


About the Project

This project is the development of an undeveloped school site (10.7 acre), situated in the Uplands and BlackWolf neighbourhoods, that has been vacant for several years. It is located in residential areas that are almost at building completion. Many residents in this area have expressed frustration with the vacant land adjacent to their homes which is largely unusable and unattractive.

Future plans for this site includes the construction of a school and the required school yard. Construction of the school is pending funding not yet announced. Development of the site will exclude the area of the site where building and a parking lot will be constructed. If school yard was constructed, it would complete the community development in the area and the space would be available to residents to use the sports fields and for other park activities until the school is built.

This construction will not only benefit the adjacent residents but will benefit the future schools as the grounds will be ready and mature enough for use on opening day. This project will
make the affected areas more livable. Advancing the school yard construction excluding the building construction footprint does not incur additional costs for the City but it does advance it so the affected communities are more livable sooner. The development on the Uplands school site can be done in conjunction with the landscaping of the adjacent new water reservoir in Uplands.



City of Lethbridge - Subdivision Surplus $1,600,000