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Wastewater Treatment Plant 2014-2023

​Our wastewater collection system consists of 480 kilometers of sewer and 19 lift stations. The sewer and lift stations carry wastewater from residences and businesses in all areas of the City to the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). The treatment plant removes contaminants from the wastewater and discharges clean, disinfected water into the Oldman River south of Peenaquim Park. Treatment processes used at the plant include screening, grit removal, primary clarification, bioreactors for biological nutrient removal, secondary clarification, sludge digestion, digester gas utilization and ultraviolet disinfection. The plant is capable of treating 80 million liters of wastewater per day.

The projects that are being identified for the 2014-2023 CIP are based on the following:

  • Regulations
    • Upgrades to meet regulatory requirements
  • System Growth
    • New facilities and network extensions
  • Performance
    • Failure to meet levels of service
    • Analysis predicting performance issues
  • Asset Lifecycle Replacement
    • Elevated maintenance costs
    • End of useful life

Funding for the improvements to the WWTP will come from existing capital from the WWTP and internal borrowing.

2014-2016 Capital Improvement Projects

Project​ ​Funding Source ​3-Year
 Proposed Budget
Headworks & Clarifier Upgrade (E-13)​ ​Borrowing - Utilities
Capital from Operations
Cogeneration Upgrade (E-14) Capital from Operations​ ​$3,230,000
Additional Digester (E-15) ​Borrowing - Utilities ​$4,900,000
SCADA Upgrade (E-16)​ ​Capital from Operations ​$625,000
Lift Station Rehabilitation (E-17) ​Capital from Operations ​$250,000
Security (E-18) ​Borrowing - Utilities ​$650,000