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West Lethbridge Development

West Lethbridge is growing...

West Lethbridge will continue to be an exciting place to live and visit as it grows.  New services, neighbourhoods, recreation facilities, businesses and roads are being built and are all in support of a vibrant lifestyle for Lethbridge residents.  West Lethbridge is now seeing a flurry of new development, infrastructure projects and other improvements all aimed towards building a better more livable community.  Each of these activities are part of an overall plan to meet the demands of our growing community.

Roads, Sewers and Other Infrastructure Growth

To ensure that we can keep up with west Lethbridge growth, it is crucial that we continue to upgrade and expand our infrastructure.  These projects include the twinning of Whoop Up Drive and the extension of Metis Trail in west Lethbridge.

ATB Centre Phases 1 & 2 and Crossings Commercial Development

The Crossings is now the home of ATB Centre, two high schools and the second branch of the Lethbridge Public Library.  What is next? Phase 2 of ATB Centre is under construction and new businesses are opening their doors.


New Neighbourhood Development

To learn more about all the new neighbourhoods that are developing in West Lethbridge please click here.


Dust and Erosion Control

With the west edge of the City of Lethbridge being the focus of several construction projects, we anticipate inquiries and concerns regarding dust control. We require private developers and City run projects to follow an erosion control plan to mitigate any negative impact to the environment as well as neighboring properties. Given the nature of the area we live in, there may be situations when dry and extremely windy conditions can become more than these plans can handle, despite the best efforts of those involved. If concerns arise regarding excessive dust problems from any project or development, please contact Eric Furgason at 403 329 7316.