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West Lethbridge Infrastructure Projects

 To ensure that we can keep up with West Lethbridge growth, it is crucial that we continue to upgrade and expand our infrastructure.  West Lethbridge infrastructure projects Include:


Metis Trail, Jerry Potts Boulevard and Garry Drive/ Squamish Boulevard Intersection Improvements

Garry Drive Paving.jpgThis Capital Improvement Program project is to design and construct the first two lanes of the Ultimate 4-lane arterial from Garry Drive to Jerry Potts Blvd as well as improve intersections.  The design concept was presented in an open house and the stakeholders have been favourable to the upcoming construction project. Design is being finalized based on the feedback and the tender package is scheduled to be released soon. This project is being delivered by Transportation.  Project Manager: Robert Kovacs (403-320-3185)

Metis Trail Sanitary Sewer Project

West Lethbridge has one dedicated sanitary sewer crossing which carries all of the wastewater across the Oldman River to the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). This sewer line was at its capacity and sewer line  was needed for the growth of West Lethbridge. During the Bridge Drive Utility Corridor project, that crossing was completed and a new sewer line was installed from Walsh Drive to the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Currently the subdivisions of Copperwood, Crossings, Garry Station and Country Meadows all flow into the original sewer line. The Metis Trail Sanitary Sewer Project will construct a new sewer line underneath the future Metis Trail, which will channel these subdivisions wastewater to the new Bridge Drive sewer line. This will provide some relief to the existing sewer system as well as allow for the continued expansion of West Lethbridge.
Installing this pipeline will require substantial excavation and is being done ahead of the Metis Trail road construction to allow adequate time for any settling that may occur.

Gravel Road Upgrades

Gravel-Road.jpgAs part of our Capital Improvement Program we are upgrading Whoop-Up Drive from the existing pavement (Mauretania Road West) to the city limits for 2015. Asphalt surfacing of this existing gravel road will improve safety, road profiles, site lines, width and ditches.  In addition, the intersection of Whoop Up Drive and 30th Street West will be improved in to include a connection to Britannia Blvd. West (currently a Cul-de-sac) along with intersection improvements at Whoop-Up Drive.

Future Planning and Design Projects

Metis Trail is currently in the planning phase to design the missing section of road to complete the North to South linkage of Metis Trail between Whoop-Up Drive and Walsh Drive. Completing this road network will improve connectivity, reduce short cutting and provide for future Growth of West Lethbridge.
Our Transportation Department continues to monitor traffic volumes and plan for the future twinning of Whoop-Up Drive when travelling west towards Copperwood.  This project is in the planning and design phase.

Dust and Erosion Control

With the west edge of the City of Lethbridge being the focus of several construction projects, we anticipate inquiries and concerns regarding dust control. We require private developers and City run projects to follow an erosion control plan to mitigate any negative impact to the environment as well as neighboring properties. Given the nature of the area we live in, there may be situations when dry and extremely windy conditions can become more than these plans can handle, despite the best efforts of those involved. If concerns arise regarding excessive dust problems from any project or development, please contact Eric Furgason at 403-329-7316.