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Whoop-Up Drive Twinning & Métis Trail Construction

​Current Status​Complete

Whoop-Up Drive - McMaster Blvd W to 30th St W
Métis Trail - Walsh Dr W to Whoop-Up Drive         

The City of Lethbridge recognizes that construction on Whoop-Up Drive and Métis Trail will have significant impact to residents and visitors in adjacent neighbourhoods and commercial areas. As such, the projects have been coordinated to minimize impact to traffic and offer alternative routes during the construction period.

Our Commitment

The City of Lethbridge and our contractors will minimize delays to the best of our abilities. We thank you​ in advance for your patience.

Whoop-Up Drive Twinning

Métis Trail Construction

Safety Alert: We are committed to the safety of the public and all who work on City projects. For the safety of our workers, please drive with caution, obey posted speed limits and follow posted detours. When you're out walking or biking, please stay clear of construction areas, even during off hours.

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Dust and Erosion Control
With the west edge of Lethbridge the focus of several construction projects, we anticipate inquiries and concerns regarding dust control. We require private developers and City-run projects to follow an erosion control plan to mitigate any negative impact to the environment as well as neighboring properties. Given the nature of the area we live in, there may be situations when dry and extremely windy conditions can become more than these plans can handle, despite the best efforts of those involved. If concerns arise regarding excessive dust problems for either of these projects, please contact one of the project managers listed below. 


Photo Gallery

Whoop-Up Drive Twinning - May 2, 2017


Metis Trail Construction - May 2, 2017


Contact Information

Whoop-Up Drive Project              

Naftali Kiboya
Project Manager

Métis Trail Project

Craig Richter, CET
Project Manager