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Projects and Initiatives


The City of Lethbridge has a 4 year Operating Budget as well as a 10 year (of which the first 4 years are approved) Capital Improvement Program (CIP). This Capital Improvement Program occurs 1 year before the operating budget to ensure that any impacts to the operating budget may be considered and planned for within the following operating budget as required.



3 Avenue South Reconstruction (D-22)34248DesignTransportation10/24/2019 10:14:28 PM5437
ATB Centre - Phase 2 (D-6)2730Construction/Warranty/DeficienciesRecreation & Culture9/21/2020 9:16:13 PM6379
Cottonwood Park Pathway Improvements7197Construction/Warranty/DeficienciesParks10/9/2019 5:24:57 PM744
Crossings Branch Expansion and Enhancement (D-26)7338Warranty/DeficienciesFacility9/30/2020 10:01:11 PM659
Facility Assessment and Accessibility Upgrades (D-12)6338ConstructionFacility9/30/2020 10:01:45 PM553
Facility Assessment and Energy Efficiency Upgrades (D-13)7081ConstructionFacility9/30/2020 10:02:17 PM602
Fire Station #5 - West Lethbridge (D-28)38965DesignFacility10/1/2020 3:02:36 PM6466
Galt Museum Parking Lot Upgrade (D-20)7953PlanningFacility9/30/2020 10:02:20 PM343
Genevieve E. Yates Memorial Theatre and Sterndale Bennett Theatre Renewal (D-8)30002CompletedRecreation & Culture2/28/2020 10:59:33 PM5488
Henderson Park Irrigation Renewal D-104309Construction/Warranty/DeficienciesParks7/21/2020 10:42:41 PM1095


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