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ATB Centre Phase 2 - Community Update Spring 2018

Inspiring Play

The design of the indoor playspace is now complete and construction will begin in late summer or early fall. The 2,600 sq. ft. lower area and 690 sq. ft. upper area will feature many locally inspired structures with vibrant colours that will invite kids to explore and play.

On the lower level, children can try out the climbing wall. They can also make a trek up the coulee inspired hill and slide down the other side or go through the coulee hill in a tunnel. The space will also be filled with tables and seating for families.

Appropriate for our windy city, the tornado tunnel net climber is sure to be a favourite. This two story climber leads to the upper level of the playspace with a twisty slide back to the bottom.

The indoor playspace is geared towards children ages 4 to 12 and will no doubt be a popular destination for families in the long winter months.

Changing Change Rooms

Before entering the change rooms, there will be a stroller parking area. Strollers are convenient and often necessary with young children, but they are also bulky when trying to maneuver a change room. ATB Centre Phase 2 will provide families a safe and secure area to store strollers while they attend activities.

All-gender change rooms have been designed to be safe, family-friendly and inclusive. This area will have 21 private change rooms and 10 private shower rooms.

In addition to the all-gender change rooms, there will also be seperate male and female change rooms. As is typical in YMCA facilities, there will also be adult male only and adult female only change rooms. In total, the five change rooms are approximately 10,500 sq. ft. and will have 370 full lockers as well as 570 half lockers. This means more space for everyone to feel comfortable and safe.

Have you ever been swimming when, out of the blue, your little one has to go to the bathroom…now? It happens a lot which is why ATB Centre Phase 2 was designed so the washrooms are the first thing you come to off the pool deck. No more making your way through the showers in a rushed panic to make it to the potty.

The change rooms also feature in-floor heating, a luxury for kids and adults alike. These floors are efficiently operated using the waste heat from the ice plant in ATB Centre Phase 1.

Within the larger change rooms there will be baby change tables as well as baby safety seats where you can secure your toddler while changing.  There’ll be a total of 29 change tables and 39 safety seats within the facility.