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992 Rate Class

Notice:  Changes to the Distribution Tariff

Whether you purchase energy through a retailer or directly from the City of Lethbridge, all customers are billed for Distribution, Transmission and Riders as set by the City of Lethbridge.  These charges are often referred to as the Distribution Tariff, delivery charges, or wires charges. If you have a retailer, those charges are collected by the retailer and forwarded to the city. 

Late 2012 the Electric Utility completed a cost of service study which prompted changes to the rate structure. Research and new reporting tools demonstrated a need to identify and group customers based upon their usage characteristics:

  • Residential customer’s use of the system has changed.  “Typical” residences may peak at 8 to 10 kVA without affecting the transformer and wires infrastructure currently in place.
  • Very small commercial customers impact the system in a manner similar to residential customers
  • There are significant cost differences to provide service to three phase customers

The new rate bridges the difference between 991 and 994 customers.  The rates 991, 992 may apply to residential and commercial customers.  Currently there are not any residential customers with three-phase service in Lethbridge.  

Contact Information:
Deb Rakos
Rates & Regulatory, Electric
City of Lethbridge
403 320 4057