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How Residential Sewer Charges Are Calculated

Water usage is used to estimate the sewer discharge volume. In summer months water usage increases due to gardening, lawn care, or other outdoor activities; and decreases in the winter. As such, we change the way your sewer discharge volume is calculated depending on the time of year.

In summer months we use meter readings for dates from November 15th to April 14th inclusive to ​​calculate the summer months' sewer discharge volume. This means you can water your lawn and garden without increasing your sewer bill. The sewer discharge volume in the summer is calculated solely from the winter average regardless of summer water usage.

In winter months whatever volume you use for water will be charged as your sewer discharge volume. If you have incurred a leak over the winter months this may cause your sewer charge to be higher and affect the sewer charges in the summer. In such cases we can review your account for an adjustment.

​For complete details on this bylaw please see the Sewer Service Charge Bylaw.