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Sump Pump Background

​​Background for Sump Pump Discharge

Before 2011, it was illegal to discharge to the environment
In 2011, regulations regarding discharge came into effect

In 2011, City Council approved changes to the City' Sewerage Bylaw (Bylaw #5996). Homeowners with sump pumps may​ be affected by these changes and may want to make some changes. The changes made to the bylaw were as follows:

13.08 Any domestic customer whose residence was constructed prior to 2005 may connect the discharge of their sump pump to their sanitary service connection by means of a Controlled Sump Pump Discharge Connection, meeting the requirements specified in the City of Lethbridge Engineering Standards and Guidelines.

13.09 Any domestic customer whose residence was built prior to 1995 may connect their foundation drains to their sanitary service connection in a manner compliant with the Alberta Building Code and the National Plumbing Code of Canada.

By allowing the year-round discharge of sump pumps to the wastewater system, these changes will address the problem of nuisance sump pump discharge during summer months, something that seasonal discharge agreements did not address.


These changes eliminate the need for seasonal discharge agreements.  If you have one of these agreements, it will not be renewed when it expires in May, 2012. At that time you have the following options:

Options 2,3 and 4 will require that you hire a licensed plumber to perform the work. Options 3 and 4 will require that your plumber obtain a plumbing permit before performing the work.

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